Framed ready-to-hang human & plant form original linework. 



  • Signature lower right; covered by frame.
  • Frame can stand or hung on a wall.
  • Frame measures 9.5" wide x 11.5" tall.
  • Width of frame material is 1"

Hand-drawn This is Paradise Original Line Art by Alrescha Co. in Black Frame


    INSTA: @shopalrescha


    Lifelong best friends Delphine Chang and Amelia Carroll named Alrescha Co. from the star that anchors the two fish that form the Pisces constellation. Their mission is to create art in a variety of mediums that aim to promote self-love, body positivity, inclusivity, as well as normalize nudity through art.

    Growing up dancing, they were always exposed to the multidimensional stereotypes of body ideals. That internalization manifested in the desire to show how beautiful our bodies can be; regardless of shape, size, and color. Alrescha Co. intends to reflect the grace, agility, beauty, and power of the human form through art.

JBwall_long strip coloredit_transparent.

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