Lara's cheeky analog collages are sure to bring a smile to your face. With each layer is another sly reference - from a dreamy lover with a pizza for a face to a bikini model with literal bread rolls for a stomach. With a wit and attention to detail as sharp as the blade of her X-Acto knife, Lara's creations will amuse you for years to come.



  • Title: Space Cakes
  • H 9" x W 6.625"
  • Hand-cut and glued analog collage on cardstock.
  • Price dependent on the complexity and size of work.

"Space Cakes" Handmade Original Collage by Lara Rouse


    INSTA: @good_luck_lara


    "I've always loved to create and for a little over a year I've been making collages. 100's. It's a quick hands-on process, all that is required is scissors, rubber cement, and paper. I've been very inspired and freed by Andy Warhol's idea that it's not the job of the artist to decide if there is any good, just stay busy making more art. And that is what I do, it helps me turn off the mind from worrying about the world. The collage community has been very welcoming and encouraging, I am very honored to be a part of it."

JBwall_long strip coloredit_transparent.

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