Figural silver gelatin print depicting a male nude in a sandy desolate desert expanse with body positioned in various gestures recalling isolation, sculpture, and exploration.


  • "Recover"
  • "Stance"


See the landscape-oriented photos in this series here.



  • Silver gelatin print on fiber paper
  • Photos developed by the artist
  • Available in portrait H 7" x W 5"  and H 10" x W 8" (while supplies last)

PURE by Nickolas Carl | Silver gelatin photos | Portrait oriented


    "PRIDE to me means being your authentic self as often as you can. This is different for everyone.. Being your authentic self as a queer person could mean that you’re risking you’re safety, risking you’re job, risking losing your family/friends, or risking you’re life. This is why I say “as often as you can."


    As many folks know Pride as a movement in the U.S. started with the Stonewall Riots or Stonewall Uprising in 1969 when police raided the Stonewall Inn among other LGBTQ+ bars and those being dragged out of the bar fought back. This led to 6 days of protest by LGBTQ+ folks. It’s important to remember this started out of necessity because we could not be silent anymore. “PRIDE” celebrations, media, and shows have become about the money to be made from the movement. Those that hated us before now use us to make sales. Pride parades have often become a noninclusive corporate affair and that is not pride to me.


    In my experience growing up, I learned to hide. I learned to be ashamed and hate myself. It’s called pride because society has told us not to be proud of who we are. They have told us to hide or pay the consequences. Being out whenever and wherever possible, speaking up, standing up, that’s pride."

    by Nickolas Carl


    INSTA: @nickolascarl


    Nickolas Carl is a graduate of Humboldt State University, where he received his BA in Studio Art with a focus in Photography. Having always had an interest in photography, he fell in love with it during undergrad, growing fond of film photography and the magic of watching images appear on paper in the darkroom. Nickolas first started using color in his project Wake Up, in which he explored how one could be haunted in their domestic space; dreams and reality coinciding with one another. 



Nickolas' photography continues to evolve but centers around the exploration of the human experience. He seeks to deconstruct traditional ideas of gender, to study peoples relationship with each other and their environment, and to explore human sexuality. He finds the honest beauty in his subjects using photography as a way in to human connection. In his most recent series "Whole," he places his subjects in poses in which women have traditionally been depicted to show how one can embody both masculinity and femininity simultaneously. 


    Being a lover of alternative processes, he found Cyanotype and started printing in rich blue tones, taking his printing beyond paper and onto fabric. He continues to explore photography unbound, searching for new ways to use the medium. He has the great support of a beautiful community of friends and family, a constant inspiration that offer themselves as subjects in collaborations that grasp at some truth. He currently resides in Seaside, OR drawing much inspiration from Oregon's coastline but frequently visits Portland, which was his home for the past five years.

JBwall_long strip coloredit_transparent.

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