Rachel Mulder is always expanding her unique limited edition sticker collection, and we are lucky enough to offer her three newest designs from her latest solo show "ShowerFriends". These high-quality waterproof vinyl stickers were printed here in Portland.


Here's a bit about what inspired each piece in Rachel's own words:



  • Based on a drawing made with my own hair pressed between two pieces of glass. these drawings are made from my imagination—she just looked like a Leona to me.
  • 4" W x 4" H


That Horse

  • Weird-ass self-portrait from 2008, before my real long hair existed. Definite Ren & Stimpy vibes here...
  • 2.25" W x 3" H


Missing Horse

  • Another oldie and kind of a self-portrait, too. I lost track of the original so I resurrected her as a sticker!
  • 3"W x 2.75" H

Showerfriends Series Stickers by Rachel Mulder


    IG: @rchlmldr


    Rachel Mulder is a Portland-based artist exploring drawing and illustration through exhausting a variety of media including ink, graphite, charcoal, printmaking, typewriter, and lately, human hair.

    Rachel earned her BFA in Printmaking from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and has since adapted those printmaking techniques and processes into other art forms, which she always calls "drawing" regardless of what tools or media she uses. She works closely with local nonprofit Public Annex where she assists with their daily inclusive art classes and serves on the founding board as Social Media Director. She was born in the midwest and moved to Portland, Oregon in 2009. She lives with her two cats, Opal and Tomasina.

JBwall_long strip coloredit_transparent.

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