A Small Collection of Specialized Spreads - Tarot Readings


    PRODUCT DETAILS: A Small Collection of Specialized Spreads by a group of fine card readers from around the world. 91 pages. black and white, bound, small paperback



    A Note from the Editor

    • Using Spreads
    • The Spreads in this Book
    • Designing Your Own Spreads


    A Collection of Spreads

    Wild Heart Spread by Claire Burgess

    Going Deeper by Lettie Jane Rennekamp

    Understanding an Evolving Situation by Michelle Ruiz Keil

    The Arc of the Day by Lori Pollock

    The Window Pane by Rashunda Tramble

    The First Draft Spread by Kes Graham

    The Braid/Battle Cry Spread by Sir Bran the Blessed

    Improvising Tarot Spreads as a Meditative Practice by Greg Traw

    Harvest Spread by Coleman Stevenson

    Cord-Cutting Spread by Hannah Kim

    The Slot Machine by Lars Sparby

    Finding What’s Missing by Coleman Stevenson

    The Neon Moon Tarot Spread by James Brothwell

    Nine-Card Radiant Spread by Erik L. Arneson

    Map of Enchantment: A Collective Spread by Stephanie Adams-Santos

    The Greater Hand by Zoe Cope

    The Hermetic Shield by Meredith Graves

    Deep Past Spread by Stephanie Adams-Santos & Coleman Stevenson

    Alchemical Process Spread by Coleman Stevenson

    Condensed Fool’s Journey by Asper Farer & Coleman Stevenson

    Spreads Inspired by the Fool’s Journey of the Major Arcana by Coleman Stevenson



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    SIZE: 5.25" x 8"



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