Something to stare at that doesn't cost you a subscription fee. Enjoy the calming beachy blues of this beautiful, intricate, and original design. Want to get weird with it? See if something pops out at you like those magic eye books in the 90s.


  • Step one: pour a glass of your favorite relaxing beverage
  • Step two: let your eyes rest on the glass creation
  • Step three: pretend this all never happened


Self-taught stained glass explorer Heather Anne Campbell never makes the same thing twice. Enjoy the calming blues and greens reflected in your home with this beautiful, intricate, and original design.


Strata Arche No. 2 Stained Glass by Hanne Glassworks


    PRODUCT DETAILS: one-of-a-kind, artist never makes the same thing twice, comes with chain attached, ready to hang


    • 12" from top of glass to bottom (not including chain)  
    • 8.5" wide

    Jailbreak is a small female owned business in Portland, OR showcasing new work created by local black and indigenous people of color, queer, and female emerging artists. We encourage experimentation and creativity in order to offer you one-of-a-kind unique objects, artwork, apparel, jewelry, and more. Our artists are paid when you purchase their work. We do not accept returns or exchanges for jewelry, original art, art editions, and books. All items purchased on sale are final sale. Not sure if the item you are looking at is eligible for return/exchange? Email us with any questions at


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JBwall_long strip coloredit_transparent.

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