Raveena Bhalara utilizes words and loud-in-the-best-way materials to share her stories as a gay, brown, and hungry artist. Gay Brown and Hungry is her first published work -- a selection of essays about her melodramatic life and her love for Taco Bell.

"Gay Brown and Hungry" Essays by Raveena Bhalara


    INSTA: @bhalara

    Raveena Bhalara (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, and writer from Houston. These days she works mostly in puff paint, spray paint, pipe cleaners, sequins, play-doh, and googly eyes. Her most recent series of paintings are an ode to her favorite snack foods.

    "In September 2018 I began a prose writing fellowship at the Independent Publishing Resource Center. Through the program I met a wonderful community of poets, writers, and artists all based in Portland, Oregon. Through this community, I had the honor of being invited to share my work at local readings, galleries, and storytelling events. I learned new methods of making including screen-printing, letterpress, risograph printing, and bookbinding. The program culminated in my first self-published book: a collection of creative non-fiction essays titled Gay, Brown, and Hungry." - Raveena Bhalara

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