What's your pandemic coping mechanism? Rachel's is art.. and cats. Jailbreak has been promoting the work of Rachel Mulder since 2016, and the opportunity to watch her grow and experiment with many different mediums has been a real gift. These freehand gel pen line drawings are no exception to her prolific curiosity and self expression.


In her own words:


Surreal friends borne from my latest personal brain activity: looking in the shadows, drinking night coffee, gel pens, my mom telling me what to do from beyond the grave, being in a body, a conversation about hair shirt, emotional processing, obsession, desire, acceptance, shedding, grounding, stretching, unraveling, floating, breathing, and asking my hands what they want to say.


Each of these digital prints is printed in house at Jailbreak and offered in two sizes of 100% linen archival paper:

  • 8.5" H x 11" W
  • 12" H x 18" W


"Cud of My Heart" Series Digital Prints by Rachel Mulder


    INSTA: @rchlmldr


    Rachel Mulder has a diverse skill set, using conventional and unconventional mediums to make her art. Jailbreak is proud to carry everything from stickers to originals - from her Ban the Ban pro-choice illustrations to her Showerfriends series of faces made from her hair. Rachel Mulder earned her BFA in Printmaking from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and has since adapted those printmaking techniques and processes into other art forms, which she always calls "drawing" regardless of what tools or media she uses. She lives with her two cats, Opal and Tomasina.


    Rachel works closely with Public Annex, a local nonprofit working on making it easier for people with developmental disabilities to access urban farming + arts programmming. She assists with their daily inclusive art classes and serves on the founding board as Social Media Director.

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