Hand stained and carved elongated diamond shaped earrings with gold dipped ends, beaded accents at top below hook ends.



  • 6.25" from top of hook to tip

Crocodile Earrings by MAKEMAKE


    INSTA: @makemakepdx

    MAKEMAKE is a venture into the dynamic world of self-expression through jewelry. Casual enough to be worn daily, these pieces are meant to add depth and interest to your everyday wardrobe and special occasion wear. Since jewelry is a nonverbal form of communication, drama and symbolism saturate each piece to express meaning through materials.

    It’s more than jewelry, it’s artwork. Unlike art that usually hangs in a gallery, this kind hangs on you. You are the gallery! You curate the jewelry, pair it with your personality, and now you’re communicating in a three dimensional way that no one else can replicate.


    "MAKEMAKE designs have been inspired by women in my life as I try to convey their personalities in a single necklace. Other designs have been influenced by my own desire to express turbulent emotions in an attractive way. If anything, these pieces are an encouragement to encounter and exhibit."

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