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Emily Kepulis || March 2019

Emily Kepulis is a painter living in Portland, Oregon. She graduated from Portland State University in 2015 with a BA in drawing, painting, and printmaking. With a background and avid interest in both the visual arts and creative writing, her work is influenced by the interaction between these two mediums and their ability to create illimitable meaning.


I have been working with cyanotype for three years now. I started by coating watercolor paper and printing in the sun. I felt a similar magic to what I had felt in the darkroom and fell in love with the deep Prussian blue. I had never seen a blue so rich and vibrant.


The first time I was introduced to cyanotype was in an Alternative Processing Photography class at Humboldt State University where I received my BA in Studio Art with a focus in Photography and Sculpture graduating in 2013. Last year I received my MFA in Art Education from Lewis and Clark here in Portland and I just started my first full time teaching position as a High School Photography teacher.

I have felt my age this past year more than ever. I am coming into a time in my life with extreme responsibility and weight. With that greater feeling of weight there is also a greater feeling of freedom. I have incurred more stress than I’ve ever felt but along with that have felt great purpose. I have been broken and healed,  great love and even greater loss, joy and deep sorrow. This work has some to do with that. I photographed these pieces three years ago and they have lain dormant in my archives waiting for the time that they needed to be shown.

That time is now…



I rest above and below

Geothermal wombs





Time is a figment but I see it on my face


And I am young


And I’m getting older


Skin chapped


Warm in the light

Glowing in shadow


I wade when it’s shallow

I wade in trepidation


Into darkness

I wade in confidence


For all the darkness in depth there is still as much light in the unknown


Making purpose in practice

Gaining strength with weight

A heavy soul more free

With every




A shrouded cry

Nude soak

Cavernous longing


I am naked but warm

Vulnerable but resilient

Sufficient but Seeking


I am a man but I am beautiful

Delicate Situations

Nestled in the New England wilderness, Michaela grew up in the small town of Solon, Maine. The secluded and simple Americana lifestyle of this community helped Michaela explore painting at a young age while progressing her relationship with nature. After high school, Michaela lived outside of Boston for a few years and began to analyze abstract forms of art. This is when she began to balance a formal art education and an experimental period of self-driven study. It was during this time that Michaela began to really develop a strong style and sense of self in her artwork. She later spent time on Cape Cod to continue exploring her creative process in a new setting, but this was merely a pit stop before the cross-country travel that brought Michaela to Portland, Oregon. Michaela attempts to simulate arcane settings in her abstract paintings and enjoys producing mixed-media pieces because of the physicality of the materials. She uses a process of self-reflective thought and meditation to achieve artwork centered around the importance of connection in human existence and the importance of small moments. Michaela considers herself an autodidactic emerging artist that is currently focusing on abstract nature scenes and small collage projects. She has had work showcased by the organization RAW Art at Mixx 360 in Malden, MA and has also been featured in Amazing Things Art Galleries in Framingham, MA. Michaela currently has work on display in the Dennis, Massachusetts town hall for the People’s Project.

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