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We offer artists two types of opportunities to be part of the collective


  • Limited to sell only 5 items max in store and online

  • Split sales 50%/ 50% with JAILBREAK

  • Must price, label, and package their own merchandise and provide images for inventory online

  • Must provide digital content for social media promotion 

  • Can access Content Studio for $125 a month unlimited or $25 an hour

  • Must pay for pop up in store or booth in holiday market

  • Be a co-owner & operator. Get to take the lead and make influential decisions from inception of cooperative


  • Sell unlimited items in store and online with a 65%/35% split with JAILBREAK


  • Featured Artist Profile on the JAILBREAK website and Patreon page


  • Free exhibition every 18 months with opportunity to merchandise display or seasonal pop-ups for makers 


  • Free promotion of artwork, class, shows, and events on social media and podcast


  • Opportunity to teach classes, host Air BnB experiences, and lead private events 


  • Included in your membership is unlimited access to the lighting studio, lightbox and scanner. Gain full access to the rest of the Content Studio equipment for a discounted rate of $75 a month or $20 an hour


  • Mentorship classes on new techniques and professional development from leaders in PDX 


  • Collaborate and critique with fellow artists and makers in cooperative 


In return for Membership Benefits,

artist members agree to the following requirements: 


  • Maintain membership in good standing for the period indicated above by paying monthly dues of $135
    no later than the first of each month.

  • The artist agrees to perform specified duties and/or committee work, etc., as suits his/her/their interest and expertise, to support the cooperative nature of JAILBREAK. The minimum requirement is to serve on 2-3 committees.

  • Gallery/store sit at space for one 7-hour shift one day a month.

  • Attend monthly business meetings


  • An approximate total time commitment of 10-14 hours per month per member. 






Prospective candidates should be artists from a historically underrepresented community with a dedicated/consistent art practice with a story to tell. Someone who is committed to growing their brand through community, recourse sharing, and hard work. In addition to commitment to creativity and expression, we are looking for individuals who are committed to social justice and contributing to the betterment of our community. 

To apply for membership, please digitally submit the following via the COLLECTIVE SUBMISSION FORM below on this page. We do not have the capacity to accept large files. Please upload all your files to a folder on Google drive or Dropbox and share the link in the form. Make sure the folder has public access. Contact us if you questions or need assistance. 


- Links to your website and social media channels

- 2-4 images of your work

- Artist statement

- Resume including volunteer and activism experience

- Letter of intent to join the collective

- 2-3 letters of references

- Skills you can offer 

We are always accepting new applications. However, they are reviewed quarterly, depending on whether or not there is a consignment or membership slot available. When we are at capacity, we keep a list of interested parties who have submitted a complete application package and hold a review when space comes available. A positive, 2/3 vote on your images nets you an invitation to meet with us, present at least three examples of recent work, and answer questions members have about your art. After this review, members vote again. With a 2/3 vote in favor, you are invited to join the collective. Note: Your application will not be reviewed if it is incomplete. We are currently considering applications. Please fill out the form below: 



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